New Jersey will be the safest and most equitable place in the nation to deliver and raise a baby.


All women of color, particularly African-American women, should achieve maternal and infant health and survival rates on par with whites and other ethnic groups, and New Jersey will achieve a significant and sustained improvement in the overall maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates.


Achieving equity for all women requires dismantling structures that support inequitable processes and building or shoring up processes that support respectful care.

9 Action Areas & Recommendations

This plan focuses on 1) the dismantling of structural racism, community power-building and engagement to support all aspects of planning and implementation, 2) multisector collaboration to address upstream root causes that lie outside the realm of influence of public health and medicine, and 3) a commitment to systematically build the Ecosystem that makes all recommended components accessible to all women, particularly in low resource/high need communities.

The Nine Action Areas from the Nurture NJ Strategic Plan.

The following nine action areas are designed to be inclusive of all stakeholders in the state, and to reflect the Nurture NJ vision and values. It should be noted that recommendations included in the Nurture NJ Year-One Implementation Playbook can be cross walked below.